Review and customise your Health & Safety forms

Did you find that your Health & Safety forms are a bit different from what we have in the App? 

Everyone does Health & Safety a bit differently, our forms are a template to start with that you can customise to suit your business's Health and Safety. Have a play around with customising your form's contents and schedule. 

  1. Go back to the Web Console (computer) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit any pre-existing forms schedule or content
  4. OR Click the Orange plus icon to add your custom forms

 A few tips for you: 

  • Every user on Site will get their own copy of the scheduled forms each day, that way everyone is responsible for their own Health & Safety. If you want to assign forms to certain users then you can set up User Groups
  • You can't delete the SAP Default forms, if you want to take off the forms you don't use you can turn a form off completely so it doesn't show up on the app at all.
  • The Form Schedule is set at a Company level, you can't assign forms to sites. You can use Pinned Forms to create a live form that's relevant to one Job but this is only relevant for Live Forms or Registers. 

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