Setup the Mobile App

Download the App on your Mobile or Tablet so you can start completing your Health & Safety forms

When you are new to Site App Pro, the best option is to log in to the App as soon as possible. That way you can see how you can use the app on-site for Health & Safety. 

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Downloading Application: 

The minimum requirements are Apple iOS 13 onward and Android 5.1 onward. You can download Site App Pro from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your Mobile Device. 

  1. Open the App Store or Play Store on your device and type Site App Pro 
  2. Click on the Site App Pro icon to start the installation process
  3. Open the application once and you will be taken to the Login Page

Logging into the App: 

When the application has been downloaded you can log in using your email and password. If you do not have a username or password, ask your Site App Pro admin to add you as a user on the desktop. 

Navigate around the App: 

There are two different ways you can set up your App: 

  • Option 1 - Home Screen is Mobile Home Page 
  • Option 2 - Home Screen is To-Do List

Option 1 - The home screen is Mobile Home Page

Feature Alert: The Check-in Feature is only available to Professional, Premium, and Enterprise Packs. The Hazard Board is only available to Team, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise Packs.
  1. Add a Profile Picture 
  2. Select your Site 
  3. Check in to Site ( this is not available to Essential and Team) 
  4. Complete your Site Induction (you get one per Site) 
  5. Access the Hazard Board - this will indicate a number of how many new Hazards you need to acknowledge (this is not available to Essential) 
  6. Report an Incident
  7. Complete Forms or Corrective Actions on your To-Do List (this will indicate how many forms you have required to complete today on your To-Do List) 
  8. Your Engagement Score 
  9. Access Ad Hoc Forms

Option 2 - Home Screen is To-Do List

  1. Any Scheduled Forms 
  2. Pinned Forms for that Site 
  3. Any Forms assigned to your User Group 
  4. Any Corrective Actions assigned to you 
  5. Any Forms you've completed will have a Green Tick 
  6. Any Forms you've saved as a Draft will have a Grey Pause icon

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