Getting Started with Site App Pro

Getting Started: Simple steps to a successful setup 

Follow these steps to get your Site App Pro account up and running. If you'd like to get a full tour of Site App Pro, check out our Webinar or watch our set-up in the 90-second video below. 

Ingredients to a successful setup: 

Choose to take 10-20 minutes on each step per day to get set up in a week, or be an overachiever and knock through all of them in a couple of hours ⌚

Once you have gone through our setup wizard, you can head to the login screen and enter your login details.

Step 1. Set up Sites 

Sites, Jobs, Projects or Clients - whatever you like to call it, set these up so your team can complete their health and safety on each site.

You can either: 

For now, just set up the Site details - we can dive deeper into all of the site's tricks & skills later. 

Try adding a site before we move to step 3, downloading the app 🎉

Step 2. Download the App 

Next is to download the app. You would've just been in the Administration Console where all of the set-up, monitoring, and reporting live. The App is where all of your hard work comes into play, where you and your team can complete your Health & Safety forms. It's best to have a play around on the app, so you can get comfortable with how it works. 

From the Home Page of the Mobile App, you'll be able to:

  • Use the Mobile Home Screen page to navigate 
  • Select the Site you're on 
  • Check in to the Site 
  • Complete your Induction Form 
  • Complete forms on your To-Do List 
  • Add or view any live Hazards 
  • View your Engagement Score 
  • Log an Incident Form
  • Complete an Ad Hoc Form (orange plus button)
  • Access the Mobile Menu 

Step 3. Review and customise your Health & Safety forms 

Did you find that your Health & Safety forms are a bit different from what we have in the App? 

Everyone does Health & Safety a bit differently, our forms are a template to start with that you can customise to suit your business's Health and Safety. Have a play around with customising your form's contents and schedule. 

  1. Go back to the Web Console (computer) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit any pre-existing forms schedule or content
  4. OR Click the Orange plus icon to add your own custom forms

 A few tips for you: 

  • Every user on Site will get their own copy of the scheduled forms each day, that way everyone is responsible for their own Health & Safety. If you want to assign forms to certain users then you can set up User Groups
  • You can't delete the SAP Default forms, if you want to take off the forms you don't use you can turn a form off completely so it doesn't show up on the app at all.
  • The Form Schedule is set at a Company level, you can't assign forms to sites. You can use Pinned Forms to create a live form that's relevant to one Job but this is only relevant for Live Forms or Registers. 

Step 4. Get the most value out of Site App Pro 

So you've completed the crucial steps to get started, what else can you do now to nail your success with Site App Pro? These steps below can be implemented at any time throughout your Customer Journey to give your Health & Safety an extra advantage. 

Add Certificates & Permits
Get reminders on key expiry dates you need to monitor whether it's a Users First Aid Certificate or a Site Permit these are great tools to utilise in Site App Pro
Utilise Corrective Actions
Assign key tasks and actions you need your team to complete on-site this could include a reminder to wear their PPE or to assign a training form you need them to complete
Explore Reports Explore the Reports page to export and analyse the forms that have been completed by your team on the Mobile App
Add Equipment
Add Equipment to monitor Equipment Maintenace, Vehicle Checks and Road User Charges
Set Up Suppliers
Customise your Suppliers page to be what you need in your business whether you need to store contact details, supplier information or contractor information. That can all be stored here

Step 5. Set up Users & Get your Team on board!

Now that your account is nearly finished you can start adding your Users

If you have a few people in your team then follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to Team & Users
  2. Click the Orange plus icon 
  3. Add in their email address and set them a password
  4. Add their first and last name 
  5. SAVE

Now that your workers have access to Site App Pro, it's time to build a quick email or organise a meeting to run through: 

  • How to login 
  • How to use Site App Pro 
  • What forms do they need to fill out 
This step may take some time, but remember you are changing the way you do your Health & Safety. Adapting to change can take some time 👌

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