Site App Pro Web Console

Ingredients to a successful setup: 

Once you have gone through our setup wizard, you can head to the login screen and enter your login details. Spend 10-20 mins/day for a week or do all steps in a few hours.

If you'd like to get a full tour of Site App Pro, check out this video or check out our video educational centre 

Get the most value out of Site App Pro 

So you've completed the crucial steps to get started, what else can you do now to nail your success with Site App Pro? These steps below can be implemented at any time throughout your Customer Journey to give your Health & Safety an extra advantage. 

Add Certificates & Permits
Get reminders on key expiry dates you need to monitor whether it's a User First Aid Certificate or a Site Permit these are great tools to utilise in Site App Pro
Utilise Corrective Actions
Assign key tasks and actions you need your team to complete on-site this could include a reminder to wear their PPE or to assign a training form you need them to complete
Explore Reports Explore the Reports page to export and analyse the forms that have been completed by your team on the Mobile App
Add Equipment
Add Equipment to monitor Equipment Maintenace, Vehicle Checks and Road User Charges
Set Up Suppliers
Customise your Suppliers page to be what you need in your business whether you need to store contact details, supplier information or contractor information. That can all be stored here

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