Getting Started with Site App Pro

Getting Started: Simple steps to a successful setup 

Follow these steps to get your Site App Pro account up and running. If you'd like to get to get a full tour of Site App Pro, check out our Webinar or watch our set up in 90 second video below. 

Ingredients to a successful setup: 

Choose to take 10-20 minutes on each step per day to get set up in a week, or be an overachiever and knock through all of them in a couple of hours ⌚

Once you have gone through our setup wizard, you can head to the login screen and enter your login details.

Step 1. Account Set-Up

Feature Alert: Option 2 below only applies to Professional or Enterprise packs. For more information check out our pricing page

If you are in Essential or Team subscription then you can jump straight to option one. If you are Professional or Enterprise then you have an option on how you plan to do your Health & Safety. Do you have: 

  • Option 1: The most common option & is available for all packs! One person per site completes Health & Safety on behalf of everyone
  • Option 2: Everyone on-site complete their own individual Health & Safety individually 

Option 1: 

If you have one person per site complete your forms e.g. a Site Supervisor, Site Foreman, Project manager. Then you will work with Scheduled Forms. This is our Default option, so if this is the option for you then you will be set up and good to go. 

  • Use the forms scheduled for Daily, Weekly or Monthly for the main person on-site to complete
  • Any other forms that need to be completed by anyone on site can be the Ad Hoc forms
  • You can choose what forms you want to be displayed by Scheduling the forms you need or creating your own Custom forms

Option 2: 

Feature Alert: Option 2 only applies to Professional or Enterprise packs. For more information check out our  pricing page

If everyone onsite will complete their own Health & Safety forms, then you'll need to make sure: 

  • Turn on the Check-In and Out Feature 
  • This will turn on the User Specific Forms so your team can complete their own Personal Pre-Start and On-Site Induction Form per job 
  • Set the Mobile Home Page as the Check-In screen so the team can be directed to the forms they need straight away 

Step 2. Set up Sites 

Sites, Jobs, Projects or Clients - whatever you like to call it, set these up so your team can complete their health and safety on each  site.

You can either: 

For now, just set up the Site details - we can dive deeper into all of the site's tricks & skills later. 

Try adding a site before we move to step 3, downloading the app 🎉

Step 3. Download the App 

Next is to download the app. You would've just been in the Administration Console where all of the set-up, monitoring and reporting lives. The App is where all of your hard work comes into play, where you and your team can complete your Health & Safety forms. 

It's best to have a play around on the app, so you can get comfortable with how it works. 

Step 4. Review and customise your Health & Safety forms 

Did you find that your Health & Safety forms are a bit different from what we have in the App? 

Everyone does Health & Safety a bit differently, our forms are a template to start with that you can customise to suit your business's Health and Safety. Have a play around with customising your forms contents and scheduling. 

  1. Go back to the Administration Console (computer) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit any pre-existing forms schedule or content
  4. OR Click the orange plus icon to add your own custom forms

 A few tips for you: 

  • If your team doesn't run to a specific schedule and each site does quite different things - then you can take the scheduling off all of your forms and set them to Ad Hoc. That way everyone will be directed straight to the orange plus icon on the app to find the form they need, they can even star/favourite the forms they use the most. 
  • You can't delete the SAP Default forms, if you want to take off the forms you don't use you can turn a form off completely so it doesn't show up on the app at all

Step 5. Set up Users & Get your Team on board!

Now that your account is nearly finished you can start adding your Users

If you have a few people in your team then follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to Team & Users
  2. Click the orange plus icon 
  3. Add in their email address and set them a password
  4. Add their first and last name 
  5. SAVE

Now that your workers have access to Site App Pro, it's time to build a quick email or organise a meeting to run through: 

  • How to login 
  • How to use Site App Pro 
  • What forms they need to fill out 
This step may take some time, but remember you are changing the way you do your Health & Safety. Adapting to change can take some time 👌

Bonus Tips

Congrats you made it this far! Here are some bonus tips that you can use to make the most out of Site App Pro: 

  • Add Equipment if you would like to use SAP to monitor equipment maintenance, store equipment manuals, and resources. 
  • Use our Messaging tool, User notifications, and Corrective Actions to set tasks for your team when something goes wrong.
  • Add Suppliers such as, companies who deliver goods to you, services who do your maintenance. 
Finally don't forget to visit our Support Portal or reach out to our Support Team to help with any questions you may have!

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