Exploring the Answer Types

When adding a question to a form, you can select one of 35 answer types to help get the best answers out of your team

When you are building a custom form or altering an existing form, it's a great idea to scroll through the different answer type options. Some can help automate your Health & Safety and save time for you and your team. 

Here is a list of our 35 answer types:

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Short Text  Multiline Text Numeric
Phone Number Date Time Date/Time
CheckBox Yes/No Yes/No/NA Yes/No + Reason No/Yes + Reason N/A Yes/No + Reason Multi-Choice
Multi-Choice - Multi-Select Star Rating (1-5) Add Image Barcode QR Code Signature Capture Staff List - Select From
Multi-select from Staff  Supplier List - Select from Resources - Select From Equipment List - Select From Equipment Category Hazards/Risks - Select From  Action Control Measures - Select From
Maintenance Value  Link to a Completed Form Selected Resource Address Email Address URL Risk Matrix

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