Setting up Sites or Jobs

Separate your Health & Safety for different sites, jobs, projects or clients

The Sites feature is a versatile feature that can be used to categorise completed Health & Safety forms. This can be used to: 

  • Sort the way your team completes data
  • Filter your Reports
  • Organise the Dashboard view

For this article we will be referring to these as 'sites'. Please note that your organisation may be calling these something different, such as jobs or clients. The method will still be the same but will have different labels. 

In this Article

Adding Sites

If you want a quick setup with sites, you can get away with just adding the Site name and address. You can then go back and complete the rest of the details later if needed. 

  1. Login to the Administration Console (Computer login) 
  2. Click Sites 
  3. Click on the orange plus icon to add new sites 
  4. Select the location icon to add one site (you can also Bulk Upload sites by clicking the download icon) 
  5. Enter Site details

Site Details: 

When setting up sites there is a lot of information you can add. Let's go through it all to see what it means: 

Name of Site  What your team identifies as the name of the Job they are on * this is a required field
Category Categories and order your sites by adding a category e.g. Customer name, Region, Type of Job
Active When a Site is active, it will appear on the App. Hide jobs from your team by unticking the active field
Address  The site you are closest to will show at the top of the list on the Mobile based on the Address set 
PIN Restrict access to a site by adding a PIN number
Email Recipient Each time a form is completed, the email recipients will receive a email with a PDF copy of the form
Site Details Additional details are up to you, add as much or little Site information as you need

Site Check-out Reminder

Feature Alert: This feature is for Professional pack & up. For more information check out our pricing page.

Prompt your team to check out of site by setting a  Site Closed Time. If someone is still checked in on-site by that time they will get notified to check out. 

To do this: 

  1. Set up your site
  2. Set the Closed Site Time
  3. If your users are still checked in past that time they will get notified to check out 

Delete and Archive Sites

Once you are done with a Site you can delete it from your Sites page. What this does is archives the site, so if you go back and work on it at a later date, you can bring it back. 

You can delete/archive a Site by clicking the Bin icon: 

If you want to bring the Site back from the Archives: 

  1. Click Include Archived
  2. Click the archived icon next to the job 
  3. This will bring the Site back 

When a Site is archived all information is stored except any resources attached. If there are resources attached to a site that you need to keep after deleting it, you will need to download them to your computer or upload them to the Resources page on the Admin Console. 

Duplicate Sites 

Find yourself repeating information when setting up Sites? You can simply copy the site when adding new ones. That way you can keep all of the Site information the same and just update the name and address of the Site. 

If you are using Pinned Forms, this will duplicate the Pinned form setup. That way you won't have to set up your pinned forms on every site, it will be automatically done as you duplicate. 

Export Site List

Need to send off your Site List to someone, you can export this list to a CSV file by clicking the download icon

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