Monitoring Progress using the Dashboard

Monitor daily and weekly events in your business and check for any issues or tasks that need to be completed

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What is the Dashboard used for? 

If you are an 'Admin' or 'Manager' then you can access the Dashboard from your Admin Console (Computer login). 

The Dashboard is your bird's eye view of what's happening on Site. We recommend you check the Dashboard regularly to get insights on the latest Health & Safety events. 

If you want a deeper dive into Form Completion, you can jump across to your Reports page

Note: If you are using a smaller screen (perhaps on a laptop) then the Activity Stream will appear underneath the charts.

Filter & customise your Dashboard

You can filter what you want to see on the Dashboard by changing the Date or the Site you are viewing. 

Feature Alert: The Essential pack doesn't have access to Dashboard Customisation. Head over to your Billing Portal to upgrade your plan. 

Customising Dashboard Buckets

Customise your Dashboard Buckets to highlight the areas important to your business.

Dashboard Buckets are used to monitor critical forms that are completed by your team. Simply: 

  1. Update the Bucket name in your Settings to suit you
  2. Link the new bucket name to a Custom form you've created 
  3. Now when that form is completed, it will update your new Dashboard Bucket 
Note: The 'Staff' Dashboard bucket is linked to your Team & Users page so it can't be changed. If you are in a Group, your Dashboard settings will be found in the Group login view.

User Engagement Summary

View your User Engagement Summary from your Dashboard to see your team's activity for this month. 

  • Score Average | this shows the average Engagement score across all users this month
  • Score (best) | this shows the highest current Engagement score for this month 
  • Active Users | this shows the number of users who have logged in this month 
  • Check ins | this shows how many users have checked in this month
  • Check outs | this shows how many users have checked in & out this month 
  • Completed Forms | this shows the total number of completed forms this month 
  • Hazard Acknlowedgments | this shows the number of Hazards that have been acknowledged on site this month
Note: If you need to export this report, you can screenshot it for any reports each month. This report will update at the start of each month. This will always insights for 'this month', if you change the date range it won't update this view. 

Certificate & Equipment Summary

Get a snapshot of expired Certificates & overdue Maintenace using the Certificate & Equipment Summary. 

Once you've set these up, you can monitor the due dates from the Dashboard. You will see the next 3 months of due dates & the date will show in red when it has expired. 

Corrective Actions

You can add, view & edit Corrective Actions from your Dashboard. Corrective Actions are used to assign tasks/actions to users within your team. 

Site Map

View the Site Map from your Dashboard to see where your Sites are located. Use this view to map out where your current Sites are located, view Site information/checkins, or even to view the Street View ahead of time so you and your team are aware of what the site looks like. 

Feature Alert: The Site Map is only available for the Professional Plan & up. Head over to your Billing Portal to upgrade your plan. 

Activity Stream

Use the Activity Stream to get a live feed of what's happening on Site. 

Your Activity Stream will log: 

  • Orange Dot | the time the first question in the form was completed. An orange dot can also show if a form has been saved, but not all required questions are complete
  • Grey Tick | the time the form was completed (all required questions are answered)
  • Green Tick | the time a User, Team Member was added or a Resource was acknowledged on the Mobile
  • Blue Note | the time a Blue Note or exception was attached to a form 
  • Corrective Action | the time a Corrective Action was attached to a form (this is the green icon below!)

You can click on the activity stream item to view the form that was completed. When you click the activity stream item, it will always show you the latest version of the form. 

Note: For more information on activity streams, check out our article here. 

Dashboard Charts

You can use the Dashboard charts to view key patterns or insights from your Dashboard. These will change based on the Date range you've set. These reports are perfect to screenshot & email around to your team or add to your reports. 

These charts include: 

  • Completed Forms by Site | this report breaks down the number of Forms completed per site. As a site is created it will be added to this view. This is our favourite dashboard report to get a snapshot of what's happening across all sites. 
  • Completed Forms by Staff Member | use this report to see who are your most engaged users. This report can be great to build engagement around Site App. Send it off to your team praising your most active user that month! 
  • Completed Forms by Type | use this report to see what type of forms are being completed the most. You may want to introduce more training forms if you see you are having a lost of troubleshooting or incident forms being completed. 

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