Monitoring Progress using the Dashboard

Monitor daily and weekly events in your business and to check for any issues or tasks that need to be completed

When you login to the Site App Pro administrator console the default page that you see is the Dashboard. You can view the Dashboard in your desktop or tablet Web Browser and use it to monitor activity in your business - even if you are not on the premises.

As your team uses the Site App Pro tablet/mobile application to enter information and complete tasks the information is collated and stored (in encrypted format) in the Site App Pro database. The Dashboard provides an overview of completed tasks and forms for a selected period. 

The default period is the last 7 days, but you can change to "TODAY" or "THIS MONTH" or "THIS WEEK" or "CUSTOM".

As you can see below the Dashboard has several main areas.

Note: If you are using a smaller screen (perhaps on a laptop) then the Activity Stream will appear underneath the charts.

Dashboard Breakdown:

  • Buckets: The numbers/counts along the top of the Dashboard show a summary of completed activities in the selected period. In this example, Sophie's Construction has 4 new staff members, 9 Inductions, 4 Deliveries, 1 Risk Assessment, 3 Toolbox Talks, and 1 Incident. 
  • Activity Stream: shows when your staff start (orange dot) and complete forms (tick) using the mobile application. You can refresh the dashboard and this activity stream by clicking on the refresh button to the right of the date selector. If you click on an activity then the corresponding form is displayed. Activities that have a blue note may need attention - you can hover a mouse over a blue note or open the activity to read the note. You can also filter the activity list using the slider at the top of the list so that only activities that have  notes  are visible.
  • Graphs/Charts: The Dashboard contains a few key charts - making it easier to spot anything that needs attention such as a temperature reading that is too high, an overdue maintenance check or an expired suppliers certificate. 
  • Form Completion: Graphs displayed at the bottom show the ratio of forms completed by type and by staff member. 
  • Completion Rate: Below the counts is a row of gauges showing progress in completing the daily forms.  Ideally  every day (that your business is open) should show 100% by the end of the day. If you find that you don't really require one of the daily forms then you can adjust their schedule in the Forms area of the Site App Pro administration console.

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