How To Train & Engage Your Team With Site App Pro

It is essential to ensure that Site App Pro is effectively integrated into your team's daily routine on-site to uphold health and safety standards.

After setting up your account on the Web Console, the next step is to roll out the system to your team. It is crucial to ensure that your account is user-friendly for your team to use, as this is the first step towards a successful rollout. Additionally, there are several measures you can take to engage your team in Site App Pro and simplify your Health and Safety procedures. 

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Training Your Staff in Site App Pro

To get your team on board with Site App Pro, it's important to ensure they are comfortable using it. One way to do this is by conducting a training session to walk them through the App and set expectations for their usage. In order for the training to be successful, it's important that you feel confident in the system yourself. If you'd like to book a training session with us, please send an email to We're happy to assist you!

We do have a lot of handy resources that you can use to help with your team training:


If you utilize scheduled forms on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, you have the option to establish reminders for your team. This will ensure that they receive a notification prior to the form's due date, which will serve as a reminder to complete the form in a timely manner. The notification will be sent through the app to prompt them to fill out the necessary forms.

You can read more about setting up reminders on forms here | Using Reminders 


Site App Pro has a great messaging feature which means that you can send a message to your team through the app. This is another great way that you can drive up engagement in the app. One way that you could use this is by sending a message out to all your team or to specific users (if you are using the Admin Console) reminding them to fill out their forms. 

You can read more about how to use this feature in the app and on the Admin Console (computer side) here

Create an Incentive For Your Team

Creating an incentive for your team to fill out forms and use Site App Pro on a daily basis is a great way to drive up engagement. This can easily be achieved by keeping an eye on the Reports Page and taking note of who and who isn't using the app. You could then send out an email congratulating those who are using the app and have some kind of reward or trophy for them. Alternatively, if you have daily/weekly meetings with your team you can bring it up with them then.

This type of gamification has helped a lot of teams get on board and creates friendly competition within your team!

At the end of the day, getting your team to transition to a new system is always going to be a challenge but you can make it much easier by creating the right environment and implementing the strategies and tools listed above. You will find that keeping on top of your Health and Safety has never been this easy! 

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