Release Notes for November 2022

Site App Pro - Release Notes

Welcome to Site App Pro 3.0, our biggest Mobile Release yet. Check out our Pre-Release Webinar to learn how to use all of the new exciting features. 

In this Release

Per User Health & Safety 

Our biggest change in this release is moving to a per-user health & safety model. This means every user has responsibility for their Health & Safety by having their own set of forms. This change gives you the opportunity to put the ownership on your team to be aware of the Health & Safety they're required to complete. It also means you can utilise some of our new features such as an Engagement Score, To-Do List, Mobile Home Screen and more. 

For example: 

Previously if a Pre-Start was scheduled for daily you'd get one Pre-Start, per day, per job. Now each user will get their own copy of the Pre-Start form to complete. 

New Mobile Home Screen 

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The new Home Screen gives users a real-time view of actions that need attention. It also gives shortcuts to all the the key areas of the app:

  • Check in or out of a site
  • Log an incident
  • View new Hazards
  • Complete an induction
  • View any additional tasks required on their To-Do list
  • Access their engagement score
  • User profile pic

User Groups 

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User Groups create personalisation and clarity to your Health and Safety by allowing you to assign forms to different users. Create custom User Groups to segment the forms your team will see on their Mobile Device. 

For example: 

  • Assign Toolbox Talk forms to Site Managers 
  • Create a Vehicle Checklist that only your Drive Team can see 
  • Have a Contractor User Group that contains forms only relevant to Contractors

Digital Hazard Board

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We’ve taken the traditional Hazard Board you’re used to seeing on site and have digitised it! Our Hazard Board is live which means anyone on site can add new hazards throughout the day, to help keep everyone on site safe. 

You’ll be able to:

  • Acknowledge new Hazards on site
  • Add new hazards both on site and from the web
  • Import Hazards from previous sites 
  • Toggle hazards on/off when they are present

The Engagement Score

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The Engagement Score gives your users a score based on the way they’ve been interacting with Site App Pro. We’ll be monitoring - checking in & out, completing forms, acknowledging the hazard board and more. Use the Engagement Score to celebrate your top performers and motivate the rest of your team to match their standard.

Mobile User & Contractor Onboarding 

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Use our seamless Mobile Onboarding to add Users and Contractors from the Mobile App. Simply add the users details then get the user to scan the QR code to download the App and log them into Site App Pro. Your new Users and Contractors will be on site and completing forms in minutes!

Corrective Action Enhancements

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We’ve bought your Corrective Actions to the forefront of your teams focus. Simply assign a corrective action to a User and it will appear on their To-Do List along with their forms. That way they’ll never miss a Corrective Action again. Add an extra bit of context when updating a Corrective Action by adding using our new notes feature too.

Small Wins

We have a few small changes to our current features that we know you’ll love. 

  • You can now select what User you'd like to send a Message to on the Mobile App 
  • Add and edit Equipment from the Mobile App (this is restricted to Admin, Managers & Tablet Managers)
  • Customise the Supplier page name to suit you business. You could update it to store Contractor Information, Client Details or be a Contacts page 
  • You can now multi-select a Hazard in a Form. Simply select the multi-select toggle in our form builder to activate this
  • Improved Form Report filtering. You can now search for specific answers or filter by Blue Notes added in a Form Report 
  • Dashboard Changes to suit the per user Health & Safety. You'll now get a User Engagement Summary to monitor your teams activity. 
  • We’ve split organisation details & settings into two pages. Go to My Business on your Admin Console login to see the changes

Under the Hood

A lot goes on behind the scenes building the next release of Site App Pro, here are some notable improvements we’ve made for the release of Site App Pro 3.0.

Under the Hood Improvements & Changes for Site App Pro 3.0.x:

  • Easier Identification of Incomplete Fields in a Form
  • View Staff Initials Against Blue Notes in Completed Forms
  • Removed the ability to add images from the camera in settings
  • Removed 3G capabilities
  • Improved/fixed the signature capabilities to sign a form
  • Added the ability to delete a photo on a question
  • Added the ability to turn off auto population on a date and time question
  • Improved the priority logic of the Equipment Maintenance Dashboard

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